Weed Control Specialists and Contractors

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of Services to combat all types of problems.

Why use pesticides?

Pesticides are an extremely cost effective tool for use in Highway, Industrial, Amenity and Horticultural areas and are considerably cheaper than hand weeding.

Safety  /  Weed growth

-Obscures warning signs .

-Dislodges  and raises tarmac creating trip hazards.

-Clogs drainage channels and causes flooding, aqua -planing in heavy rainfall.

-Creates a fire hazard in drought conditions.

-Provides a haven for vermin.

- Moss growth can become a slip hazard especially on paving slabs or sports courts.

Aesthetic Value /  The use of herbicides

-Remove unsightly weeds.

-Improve the appearance of neglected areas and discourage fly- tipping.

-Improve the overall look of the playing surface such as bowling greens and golf courses.

Efficiency / The use of herbicides

-Allow a much larger area of weeds to be eradicated quicker than by hand.

- Reduces the maintenance costs i.e of broken tarmac or raised slabs.

-Avoids physical damage to trees, shrubs etc by strimmers or other tools.